Whatever the tree related issue, ECF TREE SURGEONS are here to help. From the smallest Sycamore to the mightiest Oak, there’s nothing we can’t deal with. Check out all of our services below and get in touch with us to discuss how ECF TREE SURGEONS can help you.


Dropping a tree in a specific direction using a series of controlled cuts at the base of the stem


Removing a tree in small sections in a controlled manner either by climbing the tree or by using a cherry picker (MEWP)

Crown reduction

Reducing the entire canopy of the tree, whilst retaining it’s natural shape.

Crown lifting

Removing the lower branches up to the required height.

Crown thinning

Removing lateral branches evenly throughout the crown of the tree to allow light and wind through the crown.

Crown clean

The removal of any dead or dying branches and any branches which are broken or rubbing. This also includes the removal of ivy or old nests.


Cutting back all branches leaving only a few major branches or back to the main stem.

Hedge cutting

Trimming hedges and reducing the height.

Stump grinding

Removal of the stump and any main roots.

Site clearances

Complete removal of the tree, shrubs and vegetation.


Where possible we like to help the environment and recycle all logs.

TPO applications

Assistance with the necessary forms needed before work can be carried out on protected trees or trees within a conservation area.

Emergency call out

We are available 24/7 in case of an emergency